C. Raymond Hunt

Raymond “Ray” Hunt was a self-taught designer with an instinctive understanding of the principles of yacht design. His profound, uncanny knowledge of how to move a boat through the water is derived from a skill no tank test or formula can replicate. His diverse portfolio of timeless designs includes the Concordia yawl, 12 Meter America’s Cup yacht Easterner, Bertram powerboats and the Boston Whaler. Ray’s breakthrough Deep-V hull design has withstood the test of time. After decades of attempts by others to design a better high performance hull, the Hunt Deep-V continues to dominate powerboat design into the 21st century. The Hunt family legacy continues into the 21st century with Ray Hunt, Jr., Ray’s grandson, an integral part of each and every Hunt project in his role as Director of Manufacturing & Engineering for Hunt Yachts.

The Hunt Deep-V

There are several factors which conspicuously set Hunt Yachts apart from other boats. Foremost is their hull design, the latest iteration of the legendary Hunt Deep-V, which is the heart of every Hunt Yacht and the soul of their remarkable performance. Developed and patented by Ray Hunt in the late fifties and early sixties, the high-deadrise, or Deep-V, hull is proven and accepted as the ultimate hullform for speed with comfort and safety in rough water. It is a measure of Ray’s genius that today, after decades of attempts by others to conceive a better high-performance and racing hull, his original deadrise angle remains proven as the optimum. Learn more about the “Deep-V”.

Legendary Performance

In 1960, a new 31-foot powerboat turned heads with the revolutionary new hull design. That boat was Moppie, the first prototype of Ray Hunt’s Deep-V hull. Moppie’s victory in the Miami-Nassau offshore powerboat race is the stuff of legends. While a third of the fleet dropped out of the race due to the rough conditions, Moppie finished in record time, with an average speed of 20 knots. The story of the awe-inspiring victory was printed in Sports Illustrated and the Hunt Deep-V went on to make history.

Hunt Yachts

The Authentic Design

For over fifty years, the design firm of C. Raymond Hunt Associates has been developing versions of the Hunt Deep-V for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Grand Banks, Grady White and Boston Whaler. Modern in style and advanced in function, the latest iteration of the authentic Hunt Deep-V, with its proven performance and record of innovation, is unique to Hunt Yachts. Deep-V’s can be found in many of today’s production boats, but the authentic design that started it all can only be found in the boat that shares its name with the man who created it.

The close relationship between Hunt Yachts and the design firm of C. Raymond Hunt and Associates continues to this day with each and every Hunt Yacht designed to achieve optimal performance and embodiment of the classic “Hunt style”. This team of renowned naval architects, designers and engineers share a lifelong dedication to carrying on the legacy of C. Raymond Hunt, striving to continually improve upon the Hunt Deep-V to meet the demands of current building technologies and trends.

The Hinckley Company

Hunt: Part of The Hinckley Company Family

In 2013, Hunt Yachts became a part of The Hinckley Company. It is a historic melding of two of the great influences, those of Henry R. Hinckley and C. Raymond Hunt, in American boatbuilding. This relationship benefits our owners by providing a rich pool of talent which informs both boatbuilding and after market service. Hunt owners are welcomed at any of Hinckley’s six service locations from Maine to Florida for service, maintenance and hospitality.