New C. Raymond Hunt Biography

Here at Hunt Yachts we are eagerly awaiting the publication of a new biography on the man who lends his name and his legacy to our company, C. Raymond Hunt.

A Genius at His Trade: C. Raymond Hunt and His Remarkable Boats, chronicles the life of Ray Hunt from a successful competitive sailor to revolutionary yacht designer. Written by Stan Grayson, nautical historian and Marblehead native like Ray, the book details both the personal and professional journey of the man who designed the legendary Boston Whaler and the Concordia Yawl. His still relevant designs are a testament to his talents.

Along with Hunt Design Associates, we have benefitted greatly from the design heritage of Ray Hunt and are proud to count his grandson, Ray Hunt III among our engineering team. Our company was founded on C. Raymond Hunt’s design principles, specifically the innovative, deep-v hull that still sets Hunt Yachts apart today. Published by The New Bedford Whaling Museum, A Genius at His Trade is a must-read for any and all interested in naval architecture and yachting history.