The Enclosed Pilothouse: Unexpected Benefits.

When our client expressed interest in an enclosed pilothouse, it wasn’t hard to understand why that might be an ideal spot from which to pilot the Hunt Ocean 76. The penthouse level would offer outstanding visibility, the opportunity to heat or cool the driving station, and with its own head and refridge, a self-contained workspace for the captain or owner operator.

In the summer of 2021, the Hunt Ocean 76 Enclosed Pilothouse proved all that and more. The walk-around deck gives easy access to windshield, wipers and roof top installations, the aft door to an oversized sun lounger and bbq deck, or, if a future owner chooses to make this a working deck, to the dinghy in its cradle.

Back inside there’s an L-shaped settee large enough for four, should the helmsman want the company, and a co-pilot seat for navigators or back-seat drivers.  And the unexpected benefit?  Blissful quiet.  The kind of quiet that takes the fatigue out of an all day run.  The kind of quiet where you can hear someone whisper.  At 1900 rpms, making 22 knots, the recorded decibel level was just 63.2, making the EP a comfortable command station from shove off to putting out the fenders.