The Hunt deep-v is the original, and it also has evolved. While it is still very similar to Ray’s original concept, we have improved it and tailored it for every application from 10 ft. PWCs to 110 ft. Motoryachts. If you look closely at hulls at a boat show or boatyard you can easily pick out a Hunt hull. Our hulls have more deadrise forward, finer waterlines, robust and sharp edged chines and strips, and generous flare.  Many other hulls carry transom deadrise too far forward giving a harsher ride, let interior accommodations define hull shape above and below the waterline, have soft easily molded chines and strips that are far less effective in knocking down spray and holding the boat steady at sea.


Primarily their job is to shave water off the hull.   A planing boat is trying to out run the ocean, leave it behind, and climb on top, so we want to get the water off the hull quickly. Water attached to the hull means drag and pushing it aside makes waves. Both are wasted energy. A big bow wave may be dramatic but it takes a lot of HP to push water around like that, and the top of that bow wave usually blows back in your face! We want to snuff out bow waves. That is the job of the chine and the lift strips (as we call them) and spray rails. The primary chine is where the topsides meet the bottom; where the hull turns the corner. It defines the running surface. It runs bow to transom. We vary its size and location depending on several factors. We add liftstrips forward on the bottom and run them aft at varying lengths. These strips peel the water off reducing wetted surface cutting skin friction (drag) and redirect the water traveling up the hull to add a lifting component that in turn has two benefits: it helps lift the boat out of the water, and it adds stability. A survey of spray rails at a boat show will turn up every possible shape. Some are so small and round they do nothing. Others are under water all the time, and also do nothing. Some actually are indented into the hull. The water just passes these by. Hunt strips are large and sharp to effectively do their job giving the boat great control, dynamic stability, and a dry ride.