Luxury: check.  Style: check.  The unmatched performance, comfort underway and sporty handling of the Hunt Deep-V: Check and double-check.  

At 80 feet, it’s tempting for an owner to consider a custom design project, but the new Hunt Ocean Series 80 begs the question, why?  The Hunt Deep-V is a proven hull shape that delivers a fast, sea-kindly ride that is the stuff of legend, namely, the Ray Hunt legend.  Ray Hunt developed the hull shape in the sixties and while plenty have tried, no one has eclipsed the design for its sheer ability to perform in any and all conditions.

And, like a custom design project, all the boats in the Hunt Ocean Series put the services of C. Raymond Hunt Design Associates at the client’s disposal to guide the semi-custom process. Clients are invited to choose from a selection of propulsion options and the firm’s long experience in commercial, military and privately owned vessels means clients can go in their preferred direction with confidence.  The Hunt 80 is a good example; few firms are willing to tackle jets for a boat of this size, but having just designed commercial jet-propelled boats for the City of New York, Hunt Design Associates was well prepared.  Layouts and arrangements, finishes and accessories may all be selected according to owner needs and desires. In the case of the Hunt 80, clients may configure three staterooms, including an athwartships master, a main salon, dining area, galley, pilothouse and two decks perfect for entertaining.  The approach allows for complete personalization within the design envelope.

The Hunt 80 is a ‘Sport Motor Yacht’ meaning it has more outside space and higher performance than standard motor yachts. Standard motoryachts  enclose the main deck typically to the transom.  This yacht’s main deck has large open space aft and generous sundeck above. The layout reflects how this and many owners today use their yachts, more as short term retreats than longer term liveaboards.

The Hunt 80 achieves speeds of 30 knots.  And, with this owner’s choice of jets, the boat draws a scant 4’ and its ride is as exhilarating as that of the Hunt 32 Center Console, launched by the company this spring.  The Hunt 72, the next yacht Hunt has under construction in the Ocean Series, will be powered by twin 1900hp CATs driving props that are recessed in tunnels, and is expected to achieve speeds up to 38 knots. The Ocean Series also includes the Hunt 68.  All are built in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, the epicenter of high-end yacht building in Asia, and shipped to a Hinckley Yacht Services yard for commissioning and sea trials.

Ocean Series yachts carry all the systems necessary to achieve optimal performance and easy handling.   Bow and stern thrusters, automatic trim, list and turn controls, joystick handling and wireless remote helm control put the captain in complete command.  A vessel camera monitoring system provides enhanced visibility and security.

Teak trim and accessories enhance the classic look of the Hunt 80. Standard teak detailing includes exterior teak decking on all levels, interior teak and holly flooring, varnished name boards, cap rail and eyebrow, and a set of three teak steamer chairs. Custom covers protect teak components from the elements and keep finishes looking their best.

For the yachtsman in search of a modern classic, put pen and cocktail napkin aside and check out the Hunt Yachts Ocean Series 80.  For information: (401) 324-4201 or e-mail

Hunt Yachts is owned by The Hinckley Company.