Hunt 32CC: A great mix of craftsmanship, versatility and aesthetics

Boating Magazine, 09/14/15– That Hunt Yachts’ 32 CC performs better than most boats should come as no surprise, given Hunt’s legacy and the fact that many other builders utilize Hunt’s design services. Notable is that the 32 CC maintains better than 1 mpg efficiency no matter how hard and how fast you run it. The 32 CC also achieves plane without an abrupt hump, an ability appreciated for the clear sight lines it provides as well as for being related to this boat’s ability to maintain plane at just 11.8 knots. Staying on top at slow speed is appreciated for maintaining steerage in rough weather or while running in the dark. Hard-over turns with the twin, Yamaha F300 outboards turning 5,000 rpm proved the boat will tolerate overexuberant helmspersons (or emergency maneuvers). Read More